No inspiration but desperately feeling need to upload a post. So here you go!

My day so far has been not so great and not so bad. But looking forward to tonight's dinner! All the nice food and event line up for me to enjoy. Andddddd BBQ night with collegues tomorrow, oh yeah! Thinking of all the nice food, comparing to my everyday lunch, urghh.. sucks! Cause my office area doesn't sell Chinese food and I had to take away early in the morning and let it sit cold till my lunch break. Then all I have is cold food for everyday lunch. Its a hassle for me to take a shuttle bus out to have one Chinese lunch, so, just suck up to my cold lunch everyday. Maybe I should show you what I had everyday for lunch.. maybe not, later you all will puke. Ahhh... there goes my day, chasing people for information and updating various of list and listening to radio in the office so my time can passby faster. And I am lost for words now cause there is nothing special that I could share with you guys. 

Now I am missing my time when I am in Uni back in campus with all my friends! I miss you guys so much but I am working now so I don't have extra time to spend in Malaysia except that rushing not even two days trip for my braces checkup. I always stay out late on Saturday night to make time for those who are available for yum cha or supper so at least I won't miss out too much, but its really tiring. I am going back again on 21st March, but this time is because of my grandfather's 80th birthday that I shouldn't miss, you know la, traditional thinking always want everyone to attend no matter what you had on hand. So, leaving my brother alone in Singapore and went back with my parents. I hope I can see some of those that I haven't been seeing lately and I know I miss you guys and you guys miss me too. 

After I am officially settling down in working, I promise to spend more time with you guys and meet everyone of you. Just thinking about it make me grins... 

Hmm.. what else is there? You guys surely can feel my loneliness here that there wasn't anything really going on in my life cause I am yet so far from my dream. But I do have a wishlist or to-do-list for year 2015 which only can start after I have "some" money in my account. This year's luck on wealth for monkey is bad, like really bad, so I don't think I can spend freely until I have a secure amount of money. This is my life where I prefer to spend my own money so I have to earn it for me to spend. At my age, I really feel damn embarrassing still taking money from my parents. So, I have a strong will to build up my account and no pressure on what to buy because my family is not rich neither do I. 

Wow, manage to write up 3 paragraphs today! Ok, I am outta here, lunch break starting soon. Have a nice day ahead. 


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