25 Facts about Me!

I am writing this because I don't think I know that much about myself, so it's for understanding myself more because everytime I watch videos about youtuber's doing videos about facts about themselves, I realize "wow! they really understand themselves well.." but that's not the case, it's just that I don't really understand myself that much.

Let's get the partay started!

1. I am 152.5cm tall. Yes! I am short and I can't do anything about that, if you wanna call me midget just go ahead, I am all used to that calling and not gonna give a shit about that.

2. I do not know how to ride a bicycle. I do not have the chance to ride one or learn one because when I was young, my parents were so protective that I am not allowed to go out. I know how to ride those with 4 wheels, and that's like more than 15 years ago. Someone please teach me how to ride one?

3. I love to dance. I started dancing since I was young. I started off with ballet and then I stopped because they change the instructor to a male instructor. From then since, I never learn ballet again but I am interested in dancing so I try to take up different dances. I tried Hip Hop and participate in Chinese Traditional Dance during my secondary school for almost 4-5 years. After I graduate, I stopped dancing again. And now, I wanted to take up dancing again but working life take up most of my time and I am exhausted once I am back from work. So, I postpone my plan of taking up dance class for now.

4. I desperately wants a tattoo. I wanted a tattoo for the longest time ever. I think that tattoo is so cool because it represent something as a symbol and it's part of you. I didn't get it because my my mum don't let me get it. She thought that I would get infection from the tattoo needle. So, until now, I haven got one yet. I am sure I am gonna get one in the future.

5. I can't commit to one activity in my life. I can't continue something for long. I took up body toning class when I started living in Singapore but quit after two months because it's too tiring for me. And even if I continue for a few years, eventually I will stopped doing it because of some stupid excuse.

6. I feel insecure about my body. Yes! I don't have a slim body and I am really short. Short people can't be fat otherwise, they look like ball. I don't want to look like that but I can't be as slim as others even all they do is eat without exercising. This really take me some commitment to gym.

7. I have a really ugly teeth until now. I am having braces on right now because I feel my face feature is affected by my teeth. The space in my mouth is not enough for all my teeth therefore, I have a slight protrude jaw. My teeth were not even and I have the "tiger teeth" they call in chinese. After I have my braces on, it totally change my life. I have a sharper feature and slimmer face. It really does make you feel more beautiful and confident. Braces is a life savior, whoever invented this, JUST AWESOME!

8. I have been single all my life except for one month. I have not been dating for all my life, because I feel so insecure about myself and I don't know what's love until I started uni. Yeah! Late. I hit puberty late so be it! I use to go to girl school in secondary therefore when I see boys, I don't really dare to approach them. Without any opponent to impress, there goes my look. I became very boyish and started to hate skirt. Until I started uni, I get to see the outside world and started to change again.

9. I am a virgo and super picky and fussy about everything. Virgo is a perfectionist but I can't say that I am a perfectionist because I tend to give up easily too. When something bother me a lot, I will just ignore or back away. I hate dirts which explain why I hate to wash dishes. I don't mind the work but with all the leftovers stain on the plate just makes me sick. Stains in the toilet as well, those black growing things started to take control the side of tap or corner of the wall, it just disgust me. Looking at it already disgust me don't ever try to ask me to clean it. Eww,,

10. I want a pet dog so badly. I wanted a pet dog sooooo badly because I feel that having a dog to care and love for can actually make me express my feelings more. (I am a very introvert person) This time, it's my dad who doesn't let me even my mum and brother wanted it so badly.

11. I love shoeeeesssss. I am not a very fashionable person, but I love comfy clothing. Everytime I look for an item, my first look will always be shoes and heels and whatever that fit the legs. Oh, and don't forget bootssss, the weather here doesn't allowed me to wear boots because it will be too stuffy. I have so many pairs of heels and shoes but I only wear once or twice for high heels, because it hurts but it's so pretty.

12. I am a very hairy person. Yeap! You heard me. I have a lots of hair. My arms have so much hairs, I have hairs on my leg as well and also my body which makes me look more masculine. Sometimes, I thought that if I wasn't born in the year of monkey, would I be less hairy?

13. I have back acne since I was in secondary school. Back acne is always a problem for me because I like to wear clothes that reveal the part of my skin due to the hot weather here. But because of my back acne, it restricted me to wear a lot of singlets that reveal my back. So I am treating it with back facial. Hopefully it will work.

14. I am a malaysian but living in Singapore currently. I live in Singapore since September 2014 after I finished my studies in Taylor's University. Living in Singapore kinda change my lifestyle as I don't get to drive to wherever I want to go because owning a car in Singapore consider a luxury. Fortunately, the public transportation in Singapore is so convenient that people don't mind taking longer time to reach their destinations by public transportation. I still enjoy malaysian lifestyle more.

15. My first priority is family. Whatever make me sad or emotional, majority of the reasons would be my family. I am very sensitive of issue regarding to my family because once I feel their actions shows slightly shows that they hate me, they dislike me or don't love me, I will start to think something else and deeper and deeper which make me once go into a depression.

16. I am a city girl. I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur. Everytime my friends told me that they had to go back to their hometown for celebration of festival and left me alone in the city hanging around in the empty city. But good thing is I don't have to stuck in the jam to go back to hometown, because I am already at my hometown.

17. I am a very antisocial person. First impression of me is always hard to approach because when I don't smile, I look really fierce like my dad. But actually, I am a really shy person and passive. I don't really approach people first. I will talk to them if they approach me first. I don't really like messaging through phones as well, I prefer talking face to face.

18. I am a passive person. Anything, just anything, please approach me first because I am a very passive person. If I like somebody I will not confess my feelings for him first unless he came to confess to me first. I am like that. So, please, approach me first, I won't bite.

19. I have a mother that looks like my sister. Everytime I went out with my mum, sales person or anybody will ask whether we are sisters because my mum is very fair and the fairness make her look young. She is also very fashionable. The combo makes up a really young person which is my mum.

20. I am a badass for monotone. I love doing white and black. Any clothes that I like I will definitely choose black or grey. The hype of monotone came back and I am so glad that I will not look like a weirdo being the only one wearing black and white and swagging all.

21. I hate dresses. As mention, I became very boyish in secondary school and also make me wear pants more often automatically, I prefer to wear shorts and pants. Dresses make me look fat.

22. I am a very lazy person. When it comes to lazy, I admit that I am a very lazy person. I am like those once I sit I don't wanna get up, once I am in the shower, I don't wanna get out. But recently, I am starting to think of committing to gym hopefully it will change my lazy habit.

23. I am an apple fans but not an hardcore ones. I have used Iphones since Iphone 4. I switch to MacBook Pro few years ago and really like it a lot compare to normal pc. I am not a gamer therefore, I don't really feel the difference of switching it except of getting used to the system. I am liking it so far and I have seen many of my friends and relatives struggling of having android phones.

24. I am a sucker at nail art. I love to see and discover new nail art, but I don't have the commitment to do it as I lack money, tools and experience. Sometimes things don't just go your way. Not all dreams come true.

25. I can't live with my hair short.Once, I cut it short in my high school, I cried while my hair is being cut off. I cried so badly and can't even stopped when I am back home. My mum had to sacrifice herself to cut her hair short first before I do to persuade me. I had to cut it short because the secondary high school doesn't allow pupil to have long hair without any ballet cert. I stopped so I had to cut it short.

Sometimes writing something like this which not everyone will do except bloggers or youtubers, make us understand ourselves better. Although there are a lot more that I wanted to share but I think 25 is long enough to stay as it is. Btw, I don't think anyone will be interested to read something so long to know more about me. Ok. Bye!


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