Happy Chinese New Year!!! Or Maybe Not...

Happy Chinese New Year!!

As usual, each year is getting a lot more duller and "not so hype" anymore for Chinese New Year. This year was not surprisingly quiet and peace. One of the reasons is  because not much traditions is passing down to the youngsters these days as they don't really believe in these kinds of traditions anymore. I saw people wore black on the first day, washing hair on the first day or even sweeping on the first day. Its not a surprise scene to me anymore since 2 years ago. Things are getting more boring for me as my own siblings don't even want to go to my relatives' house anymore. At least I am having a little fun at my relatives' house as my cousins are growing up and we can talk a lot more compare to past years.

The environment in Kuala Lumpur also seems so boring and doesn't even have any festive decorations. The streets are all plain except the mall's decorations which always impress me. Shopping malls always compete with each other on festive seasons on the decorations. For Christmas, I don't really have to mention this, of course its the Pavilion. They even have a Swarovski Christmas tree in the middle of the mall. It looks so beautiful and gigantic and its so impressing. For Chinese New Year, I am not sure who won the contest as I always hang around Mid Valley area. I didn't even have time to shop others shopping mall.

Talking about time, the schedule back in Kuala Lumpur was so pack and I barely can breathe with all the chaos. Things were fine until my brother decides to mess up all the schedule by refusing to visit my relative's house. I manage to meet up with one of two of my friends only which is kinda sad for me. I only spent one week there and had to come back to Singapore on the Friday night so I get to rest for 2 days before work start on Monday. Those who have 15 days of Chinese New Year holiday, please appreciate it as I am so jealous of the time you guys have. Working life sucks.

Chinese New Year is not over yet, I am here already talking about the end of MY Chinese New Year. How I wish I have more time to spend with my love ones and time to rest before hitting back to work. Well, however, I am back in Singapore and started work already. Life is resuming and my everyday life is heading to work, hit the gym and back home. That's about all. On the weekends, I always wanted to stay home and have a good rest but surprisingly I couldn't have a good rest at home and so. I'll hit the gym again on the weekends. It sounds like I go to the gym very often but don't expect to see me with a great body because I am still at the stage to get use to the gym right now by attending classes of yoga and body balance. That will change me mentally which I always wanted, but not physically yet. I think I'll take another 6 months to really work intensely on my body.

I think that's about all.

For all my friends in Kuala Lumpur, I am so so sorry that I couldn't get to meet you during the Chinese New Year holidays. I know I am always saying this but please bare with me until I can find the balance of my life so I can really arrange a time back to really spend time with you guys. I am so so sorry.


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