New Updates!!

Just an update on my status, I quit my job and started a new job this June. 1st June is my first day of work and they flew me over to Malaysia to help out and get some knowledge about how things work in their company as they HQ located in Malaysia. So, here I am in Malaysia working for at least 2 weeks I think before going back to Singapore as a PA.

I was quite excited at first thinking that this is a industry I am familiar with as I have my internship in similar industry, and yes, I know how things works and because of my 1 year and 1 month working life in Singapore, I can feel the contrast between working in Malaysia and Singapore. In this industry, no matter what your position is, you have to touch on everything because there are too many things to handle. Working in Malaysia you get to drive to work and having issue of finding parking, as for Singapore, you have to sacrifice your sleeping time to wake up early ahead to squeeze with the morning working crowd to take the MRT or buses to work which will take up around 1 hour of your morning. When I was in Malaysia, it was so relaxing that knowing you can control the time here in Malaysia and its more flexible without having a fix lunch hour break, but I also miss the organise system in Singapore where they have their own perspective team/ department to complete the whole company. If only I could work in those company, I would be so happy.

But flying off on the first day of work wasn't bad at all, I couldn't complaint any further as there are people still don't have this kind of opportunity for their whole life. I am not sure whether thinking like this is good or bad but definitely not wrong. Besides, being optimistic is healthier for you right?

I am prepare to launch another missile and excited what's going to happen in the next few months.
Thank you to everyone that supports me along the way, you know me, I don't say names, you know who you are. Without encouraging words and support, I would have gone crazy  for being a perfectionist. Thank you and wish me luck!

Next journey: Finding a boyfriend?


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