Words don't mean anything! Just Do It!

Something happen and inspired me to write this:

Picture speaks a million word, but word sometimes doesn't even mean anything. They can say they love you, but they do not. Or they can say friends forever, but you are not. Things like that can be proven through their actions towards you. As I grow older, I realize so many friends of mine have different pathway and start to live their life without you in it. This really breaks my heart because people change, and I don't blame of their change because I change too. I started living my life and making new friends but I still want them to be part of my life. To get through this, I just have to care lesser and put my feelings onto some other things that are more important.

I am grateful to those that are still willing to meet me despite their busy schedule because they prioritize me. I don't blame those who don't prioritize me but to those that I prioritize them but they are not like that to me. It feels like you have been rejected by someone you love.

Sometimes I am thankful that I migrate to Singapore that makes me see the truth behind all the courteous they had once showed me. I get to make new friends in Singapore that really care about me and sometimes obsess or crazy about me. They might not know me for long, but they really know how I am deeply inside. They care for me like their family and I truly feel their loves to me.

When I am back for work in Malaysia for this two weeks, I started letting go and be more appreciate to those that deserves my effort. I am someone that is really cold at the outside, but when I really care, I really do care with all my heart and try to extend my limit just for them.

I hope after this, I am a little bit stronger and be able to express more of my feelings to those that really do love me.

Good Night


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