Another cracked during CNY!

Some people say when you are too close to someone, it's easier to screw up the relationship. Well, that's true! When it comes to this person I am ranting about, when I get to see him every single day and knowing what he does everyday just make me go crazy because of his irresponsibility and immature mind. Yes! This is a family issue I am talking about. I hate the most when I am trying to reach someone and that person purposely doesn't want to pick up the call! This just fucking piss me off, unless you apologise to me SINCERELY knowing that you are wrong, or else I am never gonna start a word with you first! That's how much I hate when a person doesn't pick up my call and never return when he knows that I am not calling for fun!

Another issue, when it comes to girl, everything is ash to you! U drive like crazy in the midnight just to text a fucking girl risking your friends and family life, you don't have the fucking rights to say someone who drive dangerously when he is mad cause you do the same thing too, idiot! Yet, when I am piss at this and you say that its MY MISTAKE! WHAT MISTAKE HAVE I DONE? CARING FOR YOU IS A MISTAKE ? Oh, then so sorry that I care too much, I am definitely gonna care less now! Just don't fucking come and cry to me when you cause a trouble!

There is so much that I want to rant here but I am emotionally tired of all THESE bullshit. I am not even gonna think how to put it in words because I am really bad at expressing.

The fire within me will never fade. It will cause a scar that never heal.

I guess I just have to deal with it by being more carefree when you tied with blood to these issues!

Ranting End!

Emotionally Drained!

And one last word - FUCK!


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